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and the work of Chi-Gung Master Daniel Reid

Daniel Reid's Latest Chi Gung Book. Practical and Easy to Use As A Daily Exercise Workbook. Buy now from


The Essence of Chi-Gung: A Handbook of Basic Forms for Daily Practice

The beneficial health effects of daily chi-gung practice have long been known in China, but not in the West. The Essence of Chi-Gung is an easy-to-use workbook that teaches the fundamentals of chi-gung practice and provides a basic daily regimen that can be adapted for people of all ages and physical abilities.

“I carry this book with me in my briefcase. I refer to it almost daily ... allows me to learn almost unconsciously ... This is a very good basic introduction to Chi-Gung”

Shambhala Publications 2012
ISBN 1590309626
Paperback 128 pages
Copyright © Daniel Reid 2012


Daniel Reid's The Complete Guide to Chi Gung. Buy now from


A Complete Guide to

A system of cultivating health, vitality and longevity based on the fundamental principles of Taoism and the universal laws of nature.

“Virtually everything one needs to know about the practice of chi-gung” – NAPRA review

Shambhala Publications Inc 1998
ISBN 1-57062-543-3
Paperback, 326pp

First published in Great Britain by
Simon & Schuster UK Ltd 1998
Copyright © Daniel Reid 1998


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